31 July 2014

Ingin merawat PCOS? Cuba VIVIX

PCOS atau  Polycystic Ovary Syndrome bukan lagi penyakit yang asing. Sejak saya bersama Shaklee pada Februari 2013, kerap pelanggan menghubungi saya untuk bertanyakan persoalan berkaitan PCOS. 
Selain daripada bergantung kepada ubatan moden, ramai dikalangan penghidap PCOS mencari alternatif untuk merawat PCOS secara semulajadi. Hari ini saya akan kongsikan produk yang sesuai untuk merawat PCOS.

B Vitamins-The B vitamins help your liver process hormones. Vitamin B6 helps with fertility issues, which many women with PCOS experience, and can help control weight and blood sugar levels. Vitamins B2, B3 and B5 also help with weight and blood sugar levels. Additionally, B6 helps maintain your normal hormonal balance, and along with B2 and B3 is needed by your body for normal thyroid hormone production. Poor thyroid function will affect your metabolism.

Zinc-Zinc is an important mineral for appetite control and a deficiency can cause a loss of taste and smell, creating a need for stronger-tasting foods, including those that are saltier, sugary and/or spicier often more fattening, Zinc is also necessary for the correct action of many hormones, including insulin, so it is extremely important in balancing blood sugar. It also functions together with vitamins A and E in the manufacture of thyroid hormone.

Antioxidant Vitamins-The antioxidant vitamins—A, C and E—are important if you suffer with PCOS. Antioxidants neutralize unstable molecules in your body that can damage your cells.. Vitamin A helps to keep your tissues and skin healthy, but taking in too much vitamin A can harm your bones, advises Harvard. Vitamin C’s upper limit is 2,000 mg. Vitamin C helps your body recover from wounds, produce collagen, supports your blood vessel walls and helps your body make the neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine. The upper limit for vitamin E is 1,000 mg. Vitamin E protects the vitamin A in your body from damage, and may help protect against Alzheimer’s, according to Harvard.

Vitamin D & Calcium-Vitamin D plays important role in calcium absorption.Calcium plays a role in normal follicular development, as well as egg maturation in a woman’s body. PCOS often is characterized by lack of ovulation and arrested follicular development. Thys-Jacobs notes that impaired calcium regulation in the body may be partly responsible for arrested follicular development among women who suffer with PCOS. Vitamin D deficiency also may contribute to insulin resistance, as well as diabetes, note Harris and Chung.

Essential Fatty Acids – EFAs like omega-3, 6 and 9 and DHA are incredibly important to achieving and maintaining a balanced hormone system. They also help your body maintain a healthy weight.
Untuk entri akan datang, saya akan kongsikan berkaitan ANTIOKSIDAN DAN PCOS.  boleh klik di link ini untuk info lanjut --- INFO PCOS
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