02 July 2019

Why do I choose Shaklee SR Vita-C Plus?

Why do I choose Shaklee SR Vita-C Plus?

Because it has sustained release technology to slowly release Vita C into our body because our body cannot store Vitamin C.

Just 1 tablet of Shaklee Vitamin C, it is equivalent to 7.5 oranges and 6 cups of broccoli and 119 carrots 😱

Just 40 cents a day to keep you healthy and pretty.

Don't wait longer.


Buy 3 bottles of SR Vita-C Plus and get 1 Chewable-C Plus (worth RM51.25) for FREE!


SR Vita-C Plus is one of my favourite supplements because it helps to boost our immune system, repair and rejuvenate our skin, boost our energy, strong antioxidants, reduce uric acid in the blood and helps to improve iron absorption in our body.

Faster grab your Vitamin C from Cikgu Ije 

📞 018 270 4872

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Your Favourite Shaklee Distributor
Nur Hifzan binti Hj Muhamad Zanini (Cikgu Ije) 
SMS/WhatsApp : 018 270 4872
FB Page: Vitamin Suci
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