02 April 2013

back to the basic of breastfeeding

Everyone knows that breastfeeding your infant is better than the nourishment any baby formula provides. Here are some helpful pointers for first-time mums on the benefits of breast milk.

Breast milk is the best thing for any baby. We are constantly hearing about the benefits of breastfeeding because they are plentiful. This is especially true for first-time mums, who have never experienced nursing before–there’s a vast learning curve ahead. Talk to any family member who has breastfed and there will be always something new to be said about the deed. More importantly, breastfeeding is a great way to bond with your child.
When to start
When you first go into the hospital for delivery, let your attending physician know you are planning to breastfeed. It is very necessary to start breastfeeding within an hour of delivery. Do not let the nurses use a pacifier or bottle on your baby, which they sometimes do in the nursery to console a crying baby. This will hinder the breastfeeding process since the nipple on bottles and pacifiers are different from your breast nipples.
Be comfortable
There is no standard way to breastfeed your baby. Each baby is different. Try different positions and use pillows or support cushions to determine which way is best for you. Many mothers have found that sitting up in a chair works great for them while others prefer to lay on their side. The main thing to remember is that you and the baby need to be comfortable, even your clothing needs to be something that makes you feel comfortable.
How often to breastfeed
Many testify that putting a child on a specific feeding schedule is a wise plan. However, does not necessarily work on all babies. Even if you’ve had other children, you will notice a that the experience differs from baby to baby. Each one is unique and will want to nurse across varying schedules–even twins. But you can count on one commonality across the board–when they are hungry, you’ll know, whether its feeding time or not. Let things happen naturally for the first few days and study your baby’s nursing patterns. Often, you will find that your baby sets his own schedule.
Engorged breasts
This happens often, especially with new mothers. Not only will your baby let you know when it is time to nurse, so will your breasts. There will be times when your breasts becomes engorged between nursing. The best way to handle this is to use a breast pump to extract milk. This will render your breasts accustomed to the nursing feeling while keeping the milk flowing . Just be aware that when they do become engorged, they can leak and this could be painful at times, so be ready for this.
Breast feeding in public
There is a twist to breastfeeding in Singaporean society–mums are urged you to breastfeed but in many places, it is  still frowned upon. Nonetheless, many public malls and shopping places have added nursing rooms to their stable of services. These areas give you and your baby some privacy while you are nursing. Just be mindful of where you are and how people may react when you decide to whip up some lunch for your baby.

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